Nov 21, 2006

A Sad Realization About Reality

Today I uncovered a small tidbit about perception, and sadly it doesn't have anything to do with Michael Richards and Racism.

You don't have to read if you don't want to.

I like to listen to sportstalk radio. I only watch college and pro football, so its a good way to pick up all the stuff that I normally miss. Anyway, I was listening to The Herd on ESPN Radio the other day, and the host, Colin Cowherd, used some sort of political analogy to prove his point about a college football this-or-that.

It was pretty funny, but obviously the girl who was running the register - who will remain nameless (but it's really the girl from before, the "Christian as Republican" girl) - didn't get it, because her brow furrowed and she asked, "Who is this?"

"Colin Cowherd," I, handsome as I was, answered.

Her brow grew into a caterpillar-like thing and then she shrugged. "I don't know him. Is he liberal?"


"Is he liberal or conservative?"

My mind was about ready to explode. It was possible that she didn't know who Bill Parcells was, but hopefully she didn't think The Cowboys were some new form of the Bush Doctrine.

"Neither," I said and let the issue drop. I'd already given her a good political lambasting for the day.

But that story brings me to my point. And it's not that I can tell bad stories, because I can and this one is about as bad as they get, but that people who don't have any intelligence need to be told which side their opinions are on.

You know, I don't have to be told which side a guy is on to know if I agree with what is being said or not. But I think she did and, you know what, I think it's that way with most people. They need to be told which side is theirs so they'll know who to boo. Just once I'd like to see a bipartisan ticket. Well, if it were to only happen once, I'd like to see the most extreme ticket on the planet: Hillary Clinton and Strom Thurmond or something. Just to see every idiot in the country's head explode. It could work. Just re-fit Strom with his old animatronic suit and put him out there.

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