Nov 19, 2006

This is Why Dems Normally Lose. . .

Okay, so I've vowed in the past to keep my political leanings out of this - the Jinx Protocol Blog - but I cannot help myself.

One of two things has happened to the Democrats. Either they don't know how to run after being out of power for so long or they're letting certain predispositions direct the way that they run the government.

I think that it is a little combination of both. Let's face it, folks. The Democratic party is still in dissaray. I don't care what happened at the beginning of the month. It's a bleak picture for those guys and dolls still wearing blue.

Not even a month into victory and the backbiting has already begun...or is that just the way that the media is portraying it?

Here's an article regarding the kind of awful crap that's going on in the Democratic Party, not even three weeks into their reign in the houses of Congress.

I personally hope that things aren't so bad that a few members can't keep their mouths shut over some disagreement. If that's what we have to expect, then it's going to be a long two years, America. Even if Nancy Pelosi has made a mistake already, is it time to turn on her? She's been doing this for, what, three weeks now? Give her a break, Dems. You don't want to look divided this early, do you?

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  1. I would have to take issue with the premise of this post. Dems don't "normally" lose...both parties lose now and then...the common deonminator is that we the people are the ones who are The Biggest Loser! I think it's best to wait before we start beating the, The Democrats Are Fucking Up drum. God knows when the Republicans didn't have a problem free stint when they were wringing our collective necks in their hands.