Apr 2, 2008

The Office: Spin-Off of a Re-Make?!?

This Just In: The relationship between Pam & Jim may not be the thing that eventually causes The Office to jump the shark (in a decade, hopefully). NBC may have just done it for them.

E! Online is reporting that NBC will be doing a spin-off of The Office (How?). See Private Practice. There is no word if characters from Scranton will defect to this new show, or there will exist an entirely new cast, or they will dip in and out of each show like the boundaries of an old NES game.

Obviously, I'm skeptical of such a move. This is a heaping pile of unmitigated audacity, more than I've seen in awhile. But definitely not below NBC's programming practices. Put more time into keeping Friday Night Lights on the air, jerks!

First of all, NBC stretched the comfort zone already by importing the show to the U.S. They were lucky it wasn't a complete bomb. Now they want to spin-off of it as well? That just seems loony. It's homogeneity. That's what the network is looking for. Oh, we're so devoid of creativity that we have to milk from a merely moderately successful show - I love it, but come on, they don't get A.I. or C.S.I. ratings - to create a homunculus spin-off.

Blast you, NBC.

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