Apr 12, 2008

Stephen King Interviews

To give you an idea of what is interesting to me today, take a look at the videos I've posted below. Interviews with Stephen King, circa the release of 'Lisey's Story', which I have to admit, I have not read yet.

Seeing such interviews on BBC makes me sort of yearn for four channels. Wait, no it doesn't! But I do hate that we don't have more substantive interviews like this one on television. It's always Larry King feigning interest in Lauren from the Hills or New York from whatever reality-television hole she crawled out.

On YouTube, there are other Mark Lawson interviews, including ones with people like Terry Pratchett. Yay!

And, speaking of Terry Pratchett, there is a web site up on the web called Match it for Pratchett, dedicated to raising money for Alzheimer's Disease Research. If you didn't already know, Pratchett has recently been diagnosed with a form of early-onset Alzheimer's Disease.

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