Mar 28, 2008

Submit Your Old Books 'Into the Wild' - No, Not the Movie

Tonight I did something for my eternal soul. No, I didn't try to find old Jim Jones videos on YouTube.

I released a book of mine Into the Wild. What does that mean? Well, at you can take an old book you've read (or one you haven't, in my case) and write a web code on the inside cover...and just leave it somewhere.

Sounds like a hoot, eh? It actually is, if you take the time to sign-up and do it. Now, I'm not an early adopter of this system, called 'Bookhopping', but I'm the only person I know who's done it, so I have to brag a little bit.

For my book, I chose to release Jonathan Franzen's 'The Corrections.' What I did was, I typed in the ISBN and picked a place where I would leave it in my hometown of Athens, GA and tomorrow at 7 pm I'm just going to drop it off and hope for the best!

Doesn't sound like an instantly gratifying existence, but I think it's the sort of thing I'm looking for. Whoever happens to find this book can go to the BookCrossing web site and type in a few words about the book and its location and pass it along.

Karma awaits. I hope that it goes pretty far, but since I'm leaving it at a bar, I just hope that it doesn't end up in a urinal. Go to to learn more about BookHopping.

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