Jan 6, 2007

Stephen Colber will be pissed

Lake Superior State University - or LSSU as the hipsters on NPR call it - has compiled its yearly list of words that should be banned.

Among them: truthiness.

For those of you who do not know, truthiness is a word "invented" by Comedy Central talk show host - aw hell, you know him - Stephen Colbert. It's sort of a satirical thing, because it's poking fun at the way that President Bush doesn't rely on facts or anything to conduct business from the White House. It's just his own misled instincts he uses.

I kind of disagree with this, mostly because I don't know of anyone who uses truthiness on a regular basis, except of course for Stephen Colbert.

(All right. I have to stop this post for a moment to tell you something. Every time I type the host's name, I hear Fred Phelps's voice in my head. Steephen Coll-bear is how it's coming out. Sorry.)

But he's the only person who uses it. So how is it being overused then? I guess the great people at LSSU - I feel like I have a typing stutter; it looks wrong (LSU) - feel that it's deemed "worthless" rather than overused.

But, then again, the New York Times Review of Books also said that the novel is dead, and I see those things getting published every week, brotha.

You can read the article by typing on this sentence.

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