Jan 4, 2007

Nothing New

Other than the fact that I've been working a lot, there's nothing really "new" about my life. No big changes. No big news.

Although, I did get back on the Abs Diet Plan, a book written by the editors of Men's Health Magazine, a magazine I read on a regular basis.

It's not a very restrictive "diet" - Jesus God I hate using that term - which makes it so easy to follow. It's more of a life plan or something, but it's been pretty satisfying so far.

I don't want to lose any major weight, maybe five pounds or so, but I also don't want my blood pressure or anything to skyrocket either. I'm not in college anymore and the smorgasbord has got to stop.

At this point, I feel I have to justify why I'm "chaging my diet" anyway. It's just so weird for a guy to discuss this sort of thing, but I guess I'm making the best stab at it that I can. I guess I just want to stay in the same shape my whole life - I weigh the same amount that I did when I graduated high school (195) - instead of succumbing to that thing which plagues so many twentysomethings: the restaurant.

Lady Protocol thinks I'm too anal about my weight, but I think I have a genuine claim to be worried. Lots of people in my family have been diagnosed with diabetes, and a good few of them have problems with high blood pressure.

So anyways, the Abs Diet (or so it is called) works on the basis of metabolism rather than the restriction of calories. You're bored. I get it. I'll shut up now. Enjoy your Friday.

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