Jan 1, 2007

Should Lloyd Carr Be Fired?

I'm just kidding. I just thought that it would be a good blog title. Sorry for the delay in blogging, but I wanted to enjoy my holidays. But I'm itching to get back, so here goes for the NEW year, huh?

I don't think Lloyd Carr should get fired, or even be on the not-proverbial "hot seat," because he had a nearly magical year at Michigan. An 11-2 season is not to shabby - not too shabby indeed - although for the last three years in a row he's lost his last two games (to Ohio State and the Bowl Game). This year the Wolverines lost to a scrappy USC team; last year it was Nebraska who defeated them in the Alamo Bowl; and in 2005 it was Texas who beat them at the Rose Bowl.

But again, I don't think he should be fired. He's 5-7 in Bowl Games overall, though that doesn't make him any worse than the Braves in postseason stuff.

Okay, enough of being tongue-in-cheek. He hasn't been good against rivals or in bowl games, but that doesn't mean he should get fired, so all the morons on the internet - including myself, I suppose - should stop with this craziness.

I am pretty tired of hearing how much better than the rest of the country the Big-10 is, though, according to B10 enthusiasts. It's gratifying to see a team beat Michigan like that, considering just how much whining went on in the last few days of the season, after Florida jumped Michigan. Obviously Meeechigan isn't the "2nd best team in the country" right now. At best they're third and, in all reality, probably a little lower (maybe fourth or fifth).

So far, the Big 10 is 2-4 in the bowl season and with a Florida win - which is what I'm hoping for - then the conference will fall even farther.

With that, congrats to the Georgia Bulldogs, for beating Virginia Tech in the Chik-fil-A Peach Bowl and for beating their third consecutive ranked oppononent. That's the first time ever, for those who don't know or don't care. Congrats, Coach Richt, on a great season. Here's to next year.

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