Jan 29, 2007


Today I took a half day from work to try to get some job-search-related-sort-of-stuff done, and, as always, I foolishly checked Craigslist for job openings in my area.

First of all, it's a waste of time, because self-respecting employer ever posts anything there. If they do, it's always the first thing to go. And the legitimate offerings are covered in all directions by MAKE 100K FROM HOME!!!! 12K/MONTH FROM HOME!!! sorts of postings, and the real jobsters lose out.

Well, anyway, I got bored with looking at jobs and saw the little box with "Personals" as the heading. I'd never really paid attention to them, but I saw one which intrigued me right off the bat.

It's called "Casual Encounters." Now, I didn't want to invalidate the sort of privacy these people want - althought that accounts for very little - but I was curious to see what sort of people get on there.

One lady said that she wasn't looking for "white guys" because she needed something a little bigger than normal, and I'm not talking about ego.

It's not my thing, but apparently it's working for some people in the bigger cities. The "Athens" one, of course, is paltry and weird, and even it has the spam postings, with bogus pictures promising "sex talk" and such.

I swear, the internet is getting out of hand.


  1. i found this for you:


  2. Thank you, Klyde. That made me feel even worse about my GH2 talent.