Jan 19, 2010

Patton Oswalt on the Leno / Conan Kerfluffle

I don't want to spend very much time or energy really delving into the Leno/Conan brouhaha, but suffice it to say that this whole fight has ignited in this country a virulence not seen even in political debate. People are taking sides, arguing over who did what to whom, etc. Everything exists in this vacuum of US vs. THEM. It's a mob mentality, and a divisive mentality, and I've just got to say it, folks: This may just be it. This may just be the way Americans are. Maybe we just like being contrarian.

Anyway, I went farther into discussing it more than I thought I would, but Patton Oswalt has a particularly keen insight on it, so I'll let him take it away...

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