Jan 18, 2010

How John Yoo Sidestepped Jon Stewart

I wanted to wait until I'd actually seen the interview for myself - and I didn't get to that this weekend - in order to talk about the whole John Yoo thing, but by then Slate had already done a far superior job of analyzing the situation than I ever could have.

It doesn't come entirely as a surprise that John Yoo could sidestep Stewart's efforts to pin him down: Yoo basically did this for a couple of years and was smart enough to prepare for the interview. Beyond that, Jon Stewart didn't really seem to come out firing on all cylinders, as he had with Mad Money and, oh, whatserface.

Stewart on Yoo: "It was like trying to interview sand." It was still an okay interview, and I don't personally hold Stewart responsible for not being able to successfully snipe him. Since when do we only hold a late night show host responsible for the whole of integrity in journalism? Sure, Jon Stewart is able to make that pirouette when people say an interview was soft, as in the case of Yoo, but there's only so much he can do. The nation has pretty much forgotten about torture anyways. That was SO 2008.

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