Jan 18, 2010

OK Go: An Explanation of Non-Embeddable YouTube Videos

I really like OK Go. I'm sure there are some too-cool-for-school hipsters out there who say they're a passe band from a couple of years ago, but I still like their music. So I support them. When their new album came out last week (along with a great video for their new single, 'This Too Shall Pass'), I wanted to support them by placing the video on this blog. Now, partly it's selfish - because videos look cool on a blog/web site - but it's also about online dissemination, which OK Go is totally for. When I saw that embedding had been "disabled by request", I wondered WTF like everyone else. However, the band posted a very thoughtful explanation of how and why this happened (and why it almost always happens), so I thought I would post that instead of the video. You can obviously still find the video on YouTube. Thanks, OK Go.

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