Jan 9, 2008

Update on Missing Person

It is odd to have two pretty high-profile-and unrelated-missing persons cases in North Georgia within a few days of each other, I must say.

A few things have come to light in the last few days. The woman in question, Cayle Bywater, was last seen at nearby Memorial Park on December 29 and has been found to be in the background of a picture taken that same day at 4 pm (Source).

Also, Bywater suffers from bipolar disorder, though the police and the girl's family believe it had nothing to do with her disappearance. A pair of eyeglasses that match the pair Bywater was known to have worn was found at Memorial Park this morning (Source).

She was last seen looking for her dog at Memorial Park. The above-mentioned picture confirms that the dog was in her possession as of 4 pm on the day of her disappearance. A thorough search of the Park's premises turned up nothing, and bloodhounds used to track the scent stopped in front of her residence, which is where they think an abduction may have taken place (Source).

So far, this is all that I know. It's the sort of thing that just sort of happens every once in a while in Athens. Something inexplicable happens. I just hope they can find the girl before something-anything-happens.

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