Jan 17, 2008

Bywater Body Found

Because I've kept you abreast of what happened in the Cayle Bywater disappearance, I feel it is my obligation to let you know also that her body has finally been found.

The coroner's autopsy has also found that no foul play was involved, as it was an apparent drowning at Memorial Park Lake in Athens, GA off Gran Ellen Drive.

Although she is dead, there is perhaps solace to be found in the fact that it was not due to someone else's actions that she has died, as was the case with the other disappearance in North Georgia earlier this month.

According to an online blog - FindCayle.Blogspot.com - there will be a service at Memorial Park in Athens on Saturday, January 20. Friendly dogs (on leashes) are invited as well.

Also, for possible donations, the site has the following contact information:

The family appreciates any donations to assist with the memorial services for Cayle. Thank You. If you prefer to send a check please make payable to: Cayle Bywater Relief Fund, 3780 Mansell Road, Suite 450, Alpharetta, Georgia 30022 The Cayle Bywater Relief Fund is a non-profit organization and in process of filing for 501(c)(3) tax exemption status.

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  1. Thank you for helping spread Cayle's story, the family truly appreciated the support of the blogging community during this difficult time.

    There is an updated post on the FindCayle blogsite about this weekend's memorial and funeral services, if you are interested.

    Thanks once again, and take care.

    Garry Moon