Jan 26, 2008

Election 2008: A Real (Cynical) Perspective

Rolling Stone correspondent Matt Taibbi has done some amazing, insightful work on the campaign trail, and its not skewed to benefit Democrats and its not the sort of ego masturbation that seems to go on in the mainstream media.

After reading the newest Taibbi article in my Rolling Stone, I tried to move over to Time and read something about John McCain and was so appalingly let-down that I could barely finish it.

I guess I'm really looking for something that reads between the lines and doesn't spout the unpalatable rhetoric which has dominated the contest so far. Blech. The last thing I need to hear about is more 'Change' nonsense. It's denigrating your intelligence to experience more of the same nothing that we get from our news sources.

To read some of Taibbi's writing, click here.

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