Jan 25, 2008

Even MORE Scientology Bunk

If you're as enthralled with learing about Scientology as I am, then you should check out this link, composed by a former Scientologist.

It's more technical than the other critiques (Read: South Park) you've seen online. The optimum tactic is brainwashing through repetition, ostensibly, and the author sheds light on Auditing, the ever-pervasive information collection technique of the 'Church'.

You can find passages like the following on the link:

In the south park episode "trapped in the closet" [comedycentral.com], they did a cartoon version of the OT3 materials labeled "This Is what Scientologists Actually Believe", if Matt and Trey has been members of the church, they would have been ex-communicated very quickly. The church would have almost definitely told Issac Hayes to "dissconnect" from them or otherwise become ineligible for any future Scientology services or auditing.

I rest my case.

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