Feb 14, 2010

Shakespeare and Co. Bookstore - Paris, France

I have not spent an absurd amount of time looking into the details of mine and LP's honeymoon's plans, but the bug is starting to hit me. I've already posted one link to a location in Spain that the two of us would like to visit, and here is another place that I plan on hitting up while in Paris. With the quality of the photos on Google Maps, it almost makes it seem like a moot point to visit Europe (JK).

The Shakespeare and Company Bookstore, according to Bill Bryson, is "a wonderfully gloomy English-language bookstore full of cobwebs and musty smells and old forgotten novels by writers like Warwick Deeping" (43). I cannot find a better description of a bookstore than this. I am looking extremely forward to the chance to spend time in a musty old bookstore in Europe.

It does seem odd to be visiting a French bookstore using the name Shakespeare, however, but I'll let that slide, given one word in the description of the place: English. Unlike Mr. Bryson, who seemed to revert to a childlike sense of wonder about the prospect of being incapable of understanding a single word of the natives of whatever country he was visiting, I am absolutely terrified at this idea.

That's why the Shakespeare and Co. Bookstore seems to be right up my alley. I can't wait to visit it. Look for more postings like this one in the future.

Source: Google Maps

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  1. If I could "Like" this I would. The bookstore sounds awesome and I look forward to seeing the hundreds of pictures of y'alls adventures on your honeymoon.