Feb 10, 2010

BioShock 2: First Impressions

Anyone who's spoken to me in the last, say, four months knows how off my rocker I went for BioShock. The newest installment came out yesterday, and I wanted to get my first thoughts down on the mic, so here it is.

If you can't listen, here's the gist: I think it's good. I'm not entirely blown away by it so far, but like my engine in the mornings, I have to warm up to video games before I fall completely in love with them. I'm like a coy mistress in that regard - first time I've ever used the phrase to describe myself - but I'm glad, because I may not date a lot but I'm loyal, so there.


  1. I almost want to fault it for not being different enough, but that trait is also comforting and appealing. I do think that, as a Big Daddy, I should be tougher to kill, but I seem to be just as weak as the protagonist in the first game (especially on the Hard difficult).

  2. Yeah, I meant to mention difficulty. I'm playing on hard, and everything kills me just as quickly. Logically, the characters shouldn't be strong enough to kill me, a Big Daddy, even if I* am an earlier version.