Jun 26, 2009

Richard Kelly's 'The Box' Trailer

I won't pretend that I ever saw 'Southland Tales'. It didn't quite look unwatchable, but it wasn't something that interested me. I probably will sit down and watch it someday, but I also intend on reading 'Moby Dick' someday, too, and I hate Herman Melville...but anyway.

Here is the trailer for 'The Box', which, besides looking entirely mainstream, also looks maybe a bit...suspect. Maybe it looks too mainstream, and I know what you're thinking, that it's a bullshit charge to say that this might be too mainstream, but hear me out. After the jump.

'The Box' looks pretty good, don't get me wrong. But it's adapted from a Richard Matheson short story. Remember what problems 'I Am Legend' had, and it was adapted from a full-length novel (albeit a shorter one)? Can 'The Box' be extrapolated out into an entire movie? Well, I mean, the evidence is there that it has? But will it be good?

To me, and this is just my first impression, but to me it looks sort of like 'The Game' - Woot, David Fincher - but too drawn out. Still, I look forward to seeing it, because I like Richard Kelly and I think seeing him do something mainstream will be interesting, like watching a bear do a handstand, but I had to put my reservations right up front, because otherwise I didn't really have anything to write about!

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