Jun 30, 2009

1988 Inside Edition Piece on Nintendo

A. Ma. Zing. I had no idea that people still remained this clueless about Nintendo's vast empire well into 1988 (even though, seriously, to this day, my dad calls it In-ten-do), but it is fun to relive the sort of wide-eyed wonder displayed on the part of the American public at this newfangled thing called video games. The guy reporting couldn't have sounded less interested in and/or bothered with the implications of the topic. Probably thought it would be a fad, like the Pet Rock or Slap Bands. Oh, the things we take for granted today.

The one thing which did end up becoming a fad were the call centers for video games. I remember calling the hotline for an issue with Mega Man once, I think, but I don't remember anybody else really taking advantage of it.

The dude @ 3:20 in the video is priceless.

Also, you can notice the dapper young version of O'Reilly at the beginning.

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  1. I used to call whenever my parents would allow. Then I started going to Wal-Mart to sneak peeks at the strategy guides. Thank god for the Internet (hah, I capitalized Internet and not god).