Mar 5, 2009

'Watchmen' Midnight Showing

***UPDATE: The old post is at the very bottom.

I've found a veritable cornucopia of videos, commentary, etc. online regarding the Watchmen movie, especially on YouTube. Not all of it is good, but isn't that always the case on YouTube. Now, I find it interesting how much of the stuff out there takes the comic book and compares it to the movie, like the video below.

Zack Snyder has said, time and time again, that he used the comic as "an illuminated text" for the blueprint of the movie. I don't know how astounded we should be by the fact that it looks like the comic book. Okay, granted, Snyder could have completely dropped the ball and not made it look like the comic, but the reverence with which he's treated it almost precludes that such a thing would have happened. I thoroughly enjoyed the movie, and I did think it was very true to the comic, but I also thought that Zack Snyder added several of his own flourishes to the look and the feel of the film, so I can be confident in saying that he did both things well (both things being, keeping true to the book and yet making it an entertaining movie).

***Old Post: I was just looking to buy tickets for tomorrow night's 'Watchmen' showing over at, and I saw that there's a midnight show tonight at both Athens theaters. I can't decide if I want to go by myself tonight and tomorrow night, or just go tomorrow night. I've been so super pumped about the release of this movie that I may not be able to help myself. I may just have to go see it tonight and tomorrow night. Okay, now I'm rambling.


  1. go to both; it'll be exciting. AND on Saturday, you can out-awesome all of your friends by saying "I've already seen it twice"

  2. did you delete a post?

  3. I've seen it THRICE, now. I feel like the ultimate nerd, and, guess what, I'm going to see it again. Woot.