Jul 1, 2008

Fourth of July - Vacation

I'll be out of town for the fourth - through the sixth - so I'll try to leave a few tidbits on the blog for you to peruse, if you're engaged in that wonderfully inappropriate new euphemism, the 'Staycation'.

Take that, poor people, for not being able to afford a trip this year. At least you get a cute word to keep you busy.

It's St. Simons for me, with all of the accoutrement associated with it. Seafood, beach reading - Scott Smith's 'The Ruins' - beer, blah blah blah. I'll be back on Monday. Enjoy your fourth. If you're really bored, you can check out the Time article on Patriotism.

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  1. thought you might enjoy this article. i emailed it to you, but you don't ever seem to check your email: