Jul 8, 2007

I Know You Missed Me

Sorry it's taken me so long to get back to the Blog, but I just haven't had the TIME!!!! The world is speeding up, and I've got to run just to keep up. The house is a mess, and for once it's not because I'm just too lazy to clean it. I'm gearing up to move, and books and DVDs and boxes of this and that are strewn about, and it's driving me crazy. I don't move for another few weeks, but I can't help but start the process. Every time before now, I've been caught at the last minute trying to move stuff, and it becomes a bungled mess.

The above picture is me. Gross, huh? No, that's not one of my better pics, but it's one of the newer ones. It was taken, not during a cooking competition, but during one of my last bits of beer-making. The brew is done, and it is NOT fantastic! No, it's pretty good, but I think I may have done something slightly wrong, because it has no aftertaste whatsoever. Which is good, I guess, if you don't like beer. Isn't the aftertaste what most people despise?

Also, I guess I should follow-up on the Wii-Talk. Yes, I did get the Wii. I had a lost weekend. I did nothing but play video games, and it was AWESOME! We called it Party Wii-kend - get it - and we drank lots of beer, ate lots of pizza, and played many many hours of Wii. I've already used up the batteries in one of the controllers.

One of the best things about the Wii is that you can download old NES and SNES games and play them. It's great. I no longer have to drudge out my old NES when I want to play Castlevania; I can just play it on my Wii! The only problem is that there are only a few REALLY GREAT games right now. Most of them are ehhh, just all right games. Which is okay. But I'm waiting for Super Mario Bros. 3 to be released. Boy, that brings back memories.

Check out the slideshow of our last beer-making expo. It is below, and it is glorious.


  1. well, i'm glad you got it and are on your way. we own wii sports (of course), zelda, madden 07, excite truck, and second opinion. coming soon will be guitar hero 3, rockband, and possibly paper mario.

    anyway, to get to your wii number:
    1. go to the home page for the wii
    2. click the "wii message board" button on lower right hand side of the tv (it looks like an envolope)
    3. go to your "create message" button on the bottom left of the screen
    4. click on address book
    5. click on the blue arrow on the left to go back to the first page, and thats where you wii number should be
    6. email me the number, we can start exchanging mii's, and the fun begins.

    hey does lady jp like the wii, mrs. ktl is in love with it. she almost plays it as much as i do.

    oh and my experience in tennis is 2100, highest score in bowling is 233, and im pro at everything but boxing (cause i dont play it)

    mrs. ktl's thing is bowling, she got a 278 the other day...crazy

    well good luck and get me that number.

  2. Hoop and I just had a lost weekend ourselves. Only, it was a whole lot more pathetic than yours. At least with the Wii you MOVE. We sat around playing our own respective units, me on the DS and he on the PSP. Oy. I don't think I want to do that again for awhile. I seem to be missing key brain cells.