Jun 26, 2007

Nintendo Wii - My White Whale

Tonight, I'm huntin' me a Wii. There are hundreds - maybe thousands - of other hunters out there, but I've got my wallet and my F5 button ready.

Holy shit! My bid has just been maxed out. I feel like another cl...Damnit, I didn't even get a chance to finish this sentence before someone outbid me and the auction ended. Goddamnit.

This is a terribly cutthroat business, getting a Wii. I thought there would be enough game for all of us, but I must have been mistaken.

Granted, Nintendo hasn't been up on manufacturing. Hell, maybe they were down on themselves as well on this one. Like, "Well, we're not charging a million bucks for a video game system, so nobody loves us." Mmmmmm.

So I guess I'll just have to bid on another...wait. Wait just a second. I just checked my eBay account, and it said that I had to pay for an item.

Oh, crap! I accidentally won a Nintendo Wii! But wait, that doesn't make any sense. It said that I got outbid on it. It said that I lost. There was a distinct screen in which I was beaten.

*shrugs* Oh well. You know what? I'll take it! Any day of the week, I'll take it. I paid about twenty bucks more than I was willing to pay on it, but I'll definitely accept it. I know I've been trying to get my finances back in order, but I've got the moolah for a Wii. Totally worth it. Totally worth it. Be happy for me guys. I'll be Wii Sportin' it in a few days!


  1. Huh, that would make me nervous. Did you get confirmation from the seller that you won? Congrats if you did - I am jealous.

  2. I didn't realize they were so hard to come by!

  3. Always good to see someone bag the game they're after. In this case, the game being a game. 8-)

    Should this reach you in time I hope you'll submit a post for the Friends of Kilroy Carnival going up the first of the month. What would friends of Kilroy be, without friends of Kilroy.

    This is, by the way, what you might call two degrees of separation. So the folks you have links with can join in as well.

    Glad to hear all is going well, that you're keeping busy and not getting in trouble.

    You're not working 60 hours a week because of community service are you?

  4. hey email me your wii number and we can share mii's, and soon we can battle across the interweb! welcome to the wonderful world of wii.

  5. (waving to Tink!!)

    So you were out hunting wii-bits?

    I had that happen with a bid once, I thought I lost then behold. I won.

    I thought it had to do with my ignorance. Or something.

    I think I found your other blog, the poltical one, but I can chill here too. I have two blogs as well- one for kind of purposeful things. And one for..purposeless things? Sometimes I'm in no mood to think, is what it boils down to.

    Anyway, hope you get it! I want one too. Not thats im bitter or anything...creep.