Sep 9, 2008

Harsh, Dude!

I'm not going to apologize for being so annoyingly political in my posts the last week or so, but I'm really not that angry most of the time. Okay, I feel better.

But, here's something else to think about:

In this strange new pro-woman tableau, feminism -- a word that is being used all over the country with regard to Palin's potential power -- means voting for someone who would limit reproductive control, access to healthcare and funding for places like Covenant House Alaska, an organization that helps unwed teen mothers. It means cheering someone who allowed women to be charged for their rape kits while she was mayor of Wasilla, who supports the teaching of creationism alongside evolution, who has inquired locally about the possibility of using her position to ban children's books from the public library, who does not support the teaching of sex education.

Here's the new 'Tallica video.


  1. Don't feel bad about it. I say keep the fire burining. Someone's got to.