Aug 21, 2008

OK - What's the point?

I've got to say that I don't understand the whole honor system on the internet, where, when you're directed to material which may be offensive - if you're easily offended should you even be on the internet - you are faced with a warning screen and then forced to give an age (almost always fake) just to get to the desired material.

This is fucking pointless. Like, I'm not that into observational posts, but this whole thing has to end. I guess it's a wink-wink-nudge-nudge between the internet and the government and child-advocacy groups. Like, Okay, we won't mess with you as long as you make sure the people on the internet give lip service to the responsibility of being an adult.

I guess it's better than not having vomit- or tourette's- inducing material on the series of tubes, but when can we safely say that, if a child is smart enough to use the internet, he's going to be able to safely subvert these ridiculously tame warnings for the sake of a good time.

I mean, really, it would be much more entertaining if there were a warning that said: Look, we know you're probably about to go in this decrepit den of iniquity and partake in something that would make your grandmother's toes curl up with repulsion. But if you do and we find out, it's your ass BIG time, Muhammed (by virtue of the fact that it is the most popular name in the world [except in Britain, where Jack trumps it slightly]).

See. Already more palatable.

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