Aug 17, 2008

Deadites, Unite!

What do you do when you're the star of a deliciously campy horror series with a cult following and a director whose latest interests involve a certain alliterative arachnid?

Well, hell, that's an easy one. You make a tongue-in-cheek send up to it! In fact, that's what's happened with 'My Name is Bruce', a sort-of Evil Dead flick starring Bruce Campbell as Bruce Campbell. Or, rather, Bizarro Bruce, in which he is not himself at all, but rather a sleazy version of himself, a la his character in Burn Notice. Or Army of Darkness, if you prefer.

The release date is set for October 2008 and DVD release in Jan of 09. Awesome. Check out the trailer below. It looks awesome.


  1. Wow - that looks a bit low-rent and rascist, but stil pretty funny.

    P.S. - The Star Wars Retrospective was awesome.

  2. Rascist. Is that kind of like fascist?

  3. Also, yes, it does look quite rascist. You're right.

    The first time I watched the trailer, it was at work with the sound off.

    I don't know that Asian-American Advocacy groups are going to laud them with praise...