Aug 9, 2007

The Consequences of Being Unprepared

Finally, I have moved into my new place. I still have no cable or internet, but at least I am no longer homeless. There's nothing I would like more than to sit around and blog for about three days straight to catch up and make all of you happy.

However, the cable company has been inundated with people moving out/moving in and can't make it to our place until Sunday morning, between 8-10 am. Then I can check in with you guys. I'm excited. But it's true that LP and I have no cable. We've been watching all of the seasons of Friends for the last few days.

I missed Barry Bond's 756 home run. Damnit. I missed Big Love on Monday. I just generally haven't been in on the world. It's weird. I could go into some sort of meta-existential blog about how strange it is to live in the world and not the technological world, but I have no time. I'm on borrowed time here. I'll get back with you all on Sunday. Love ya.


  1. Enjoy it! Sometimes it's nice to be cut off from the world. Forced vacation.

  2. you and LP move in together?

  3. Wondered where you've been. It's hell being without all the stuff you take for granted, isn't it?

    I didn't know you were a BigLove fan. Do you have ondemand, or some other way of catching up on what you missed??