Aug 22, 2010

BioShock: Infinite Plot (Conspiracy) Theory

One of the most interesting theories I've heard bandied about the internet about the coming BioShock: Infinite game revolves around one of a few circumstances: either (a) you are a character who becomes "disillusioned by the city's [Columbia's] jingoism and decide to deflate the city's balloons" to sink the city to the bottom of the sea (this according to G4) or that (b) you become influenced by a young man disenchanted with Columbia and help him destroy it (this man would be Andrew Ryan, of course) or that (c) you are or rename yourself as Andrew Ryan (this theory is all over the internet). It's all tinfoil hat stuff at this point, but if this game is to be anything but a non-sequitur in the series it must revolve somewhat around the original storyline.


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  1. Anonymous7:29 PM

    The original game takes place around 1960, if Andrew Ryan is on the city when it was constructed in 1900 or somehow gets on to it during the events of infinite in 1912, and assuming he did this at a capable age, then he would be well into his 70's while in rapture which he clearly is not in the original bioshock. As for your character, he is a disgraced private investigator, indicating he has some age to him, so to change his name (for whatever reason) to that of Andrew Ryan still would not make sense age wise. Unless find some type of formula that keeps one in their youth and prevents aging and simply doesn't share this or mention it to anyone. Also Ryan has a back story of, i believe, growing up in Russia, leaving for America after being fed up with the Russian government. Then becoming fed up with American government he creates Rapture. His back story makes the Andrew Ryan in infinite theory less plausible. As much as I'd enjoy it, if they wish to follow the storyline and facts established in BioShock 1 and 2, it would be nearly impossible to put Ryan into Infinite