Apr 1, 2010

Tool - 'Lateralus' on the Koto

Here is a cover of Tool's 'Lateralus' on a Japanese instrument called the Koto. According to Wikipedia, the Koto is "a traditional Japanese stringed musical instrument derived from the Chinese guzheng. The koto is the national instrument of Japan.[1] Koto are about 180 centimetres (71 in) width, and made from kiri wood (Paulownia tomentosa). They have 13 strings that are strung over 13 movable bridges along the width of the instrument. Players can adjust the string pitches by moving these bridges before playing, and use three finger picks (on thumb, index finger, and middle finger) to pluck the strings." It isn't that odd that Tool's music is so easily orchestrated in such a manner, but it's always refreshing to see a different take on popular music like this. It's not just novel but inventive as well, and I could see this tune being included in a score for a movie of some kind.

Here is a photo of a Koto.

Source: Koto


  1. Thanks. It wasn't that easy to orchestrate, though.

  2. Oh, sorry. I only meant that it fits orchestration so very well. I should have been more clear!

  3. That kicks so much butt... Danny Carrey would approve.