Apr 14, 2009

I Always Thought the Food Was a Little Salty...

This video may be pulled from the internets by the time you get to it, but trust me, the story is worth disseminating. You know how people always joke about fast food employees, how they "do things" to the food of unruly customers? Not true. They do it to ALL food.

Two obviously well-educated Domino's Pizza employees videotaped themselves tainting food while preparing it for delivery and then posted the video to YouTube. Of course, the defense is that this is an isolated incident. I'm sure this kind of thing doesn't happen anywhere else, since we have no proof.

Interesting Postscript to that:

I just read on Consumerist that some people watching the video identified the EXACT Domino's franchise by using contextual video evidence and then alerted the store's manager. The Exec of Communications, Tim McIntyre, was also extremely communicative with the whistle-blowing parties, and below is a copy of the e-mail that was sent by "Kristy Kristy" to explain the "practical joke":

I am sorry about all of this! It was all a prank and me nor Michael expected to have this much attention from the videos that were uploaded! No food was ever sent out to any customer. We would never put something like that on you tube if it were real!! It was fake and I wish that everyone knew that!!!! Michael never would do that to any customer, EVER!! I AM SOO SORRY! You see all the time of the pranks that people upload and the pranks need to seem real in order to get a laugh out of people but this prank was very very immature and I am sorry for the embarrasment that I have caused your company!

And, in addition, the two people featured in that fast food snuff film have been fired. Internet Justice, Unite!

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